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Basement Finishing and Remodeling

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The basement in your home can be used for more than storage. Basement remodeling can create an entirely new section of your house for you and the family to enjoy.

The basement finishing experts at LDL Design Center in Quincy know how to turn basements into an exciting part of your home. We combine your ideas with design expertise to refurbish any project location. LDL Design Center has been serving the Greater Boston area since 2011.

Benefits of a Finished Basement in MA

Added Home Value

Instead of leaving your MA home’s basement for the dust bunnies, let the basement renovation experts help you turn it into one of your home’s greatest assets. There are several things that you can turn an unfinished basement into, such as:

  • man cave
  • home theater
  • home office
  • new bedroom
  • family game room
  • home bar
  • children’s playroom
  • additional bathroom

The list goes on! There are endless opportunities for increasing your MA home’s value when it comes to total basement finishing.

Basement Restoration

Aside from home improvement updates, a professional basement finishing can also help restore basements that suffer from water damage or mold growth.

Since basements are the lowest part of the house, they are the most likely place for water to collect. Thunderstorms, poor plumbing, and other issues can quickly flood a basement and create water damage. A total basement finishing can restore the basement while waterproofing and protecting it from future damage.

How to Start Your Basement Project

  1. Determine what your perfect basement is. The first step to a basement remodeling project is to establish your project goals. Knowing what you want to turn the basement into will help you with the design process.
  2. Empty the basement. Before any remodeling can begin, the basement needs to be clutter-free and clean. An empty project location will help the basement contractor better understand your home’s layout and design a plan that best fits your basement’s construction.
  3. Decide if you want to waterproof the finished basement. If the area smells damp or your home is near the bottom of a hill, waterproofing the basement will prove helpful.
  4. Hire professional south shore contractors to complete the job. Hiring a professional design company will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and the basement renovation achieves your project location objectives. For best results, contact a local design company before starting the remodeling.

What Happens During a Professional Basement Finishing Project

After you contact a professional MA contractor, the first thing they will do is learn about your basement finishing objectives. After checking out your home’s basement space, they will combine their remodel expertise with your design goals to create a custom plan for your total basement finishing. Once you approve of their design plan, they get to work.

A total basement finishing often includes updating the walls. For most MA homes, the wall of a basement consists of cement. Although this is a durable material, it is a poor insulator. To finish basement walls, your contractor will install drywall, insulation, or frame walls to improve insulation and revive the overall look of your basement.

After addressing each wall, the contractor will move on to the flooring. Similar to the wall, a basement floor often consists of cement. By installing wood, carpet, or tiles, your space can quickly go from a dingy storage area to a welcoming environment. Our design experts aim to ensure that your new flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing but safe; you can choose from moisture-resistant tiles and other materials that are guaranteed to protect your home.

The final step of the project is to address the ceiling. Cape Cod homeowners can choose to install an affordable drop-ceiling option or a drywall ceiling to hide basement pipes. Once the basement space has a new floor, wall, and ceiling, you can start installing new appliances, furniture, and other features to top off your basement project.

Revive Your Unfinished Basement in South Shore

From new flooring to a complete basement remodel, the design experts at LDL Design Center offer various services to help MA homeowners achieve their ideal finished basement. When you contact our company, you get a team of dedicated MA professionals ready to assist you every step of the way. From deciding between wood or tiles to reviewing the final product, we care about answering your questions.

Our MA experts are ready to assist clients in any project location with years of updated living space design experience and unmatched customer service. With LDL Design Center, your basement finishing goals are within reach.

Contact the design team at LDL Design Center by calling (857) 312-3935 to achieve the finished basement of your dreams in the Greater Boston area.

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